The One Trick To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxurious Hotel

What’s the one thing that all 5-star hotel bedrooms have in common? If you guessed extra comfy bedlinen that you can sink into, you’re right! It’s all about the soft touches that take a bedroom from cosy to ultra-comfortable. Bring that experience into your own personal space – the trick is to layer with pillows, comforters and quilts. Layer attractive prints and fresh colours in comforting, cocooning textures.

For a stylish space, this year’s bedlinen trends include:

1. Modern Classic style — solid colours that are elevated with embellishments like embroidery or applique.
2. Contrasting solid colours. For  example, dark, cool hues (such as deep navy or gray) against white and ivory.
3. Prints in cooler colours such as blue, grey and green. 
4. Intricate patterns, such as paisleys with fine details in muted, sophisticated shades.

From duvet and quilt covers to entire bedsets, here are 10 hotel-worthy bedlinen that’ll lull you to restful slumber in no time:

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