Tried & Tested: Meet The Home Sewing Machine That Can Do Just About Anything


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Sewing can be fun and the feeling of wearing your own handmade creation is incredibly satisfying. Yet so often, the stress comes about when you have a machine that’s not user-friendly. Most sewing machines don’t come with a large variety of stitches, and a lot of the machine’s functions are operated manually. You end up spending more time toggling the machine until you find the perfect stitch, rather than spending the time on your actual sewing project.

So bearing this mind, we were impressed by how easy it was to operate Brother’s NV180K sewing machine. It’s designed to prioritise user comfort first, and allows you to customise the machine to your liking with little fuss. Plus, the intuitive functions help make operating the NV180K a breeze, even for those who rarely use a sewing machine.

On top of just sewing, it also comes with the powerful ability to do embroidery. Pick one of the built-in designs or load your own into the machine via a USB thumbdrive, and see how it can take your imagination and turn it into stunning reality. Here are seven reasons why we are raving over the machine.

A Brother special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly