15 Ways To Update Your Home Decor With Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2019, Living Coral

Looking to refresh your home for 2019? Get inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Living Coral, a vibrant and optimistic hue that’s also nurturing and mellow. These characteristics, which boil down to the need for joyful pursuits, is perfect for kick-starting the year on a happy note. 

Photo: Pixers

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“In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy. This colour encourages that,” says Pantone.

Photo: Pantone

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You might have seen this rosy, orange shade with golden undertones in nature — in corals, flamingos and flora — and now, this energetic hue is sure to enter interior design. We share with you how and which coral-hued pieces you can easily incorporate into the home: