1. Nude Stripes 

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Update your usual design French manicure with a nude stripe of equal size. It’ll give the look more dimension and flare. Your colleagues will also do a double take, for sure!

2. Always Rosy 

What better way to wear French manicures than with some French roses? Decals like these are easily available from beauty stores like Sephora and Etude House and you don’t actually need to put them on all 10 fingernails. Just two (as pictured) could easily put the pizzazz back in your nails.

Alternatively, skip the white stripe on two nails and add more decals!


3. Artist Inspiration

It’s basically artwork at your fingertips. Mondrain typically uses primary colours like red, blue and green but you can always mix it up with colours like magenta, cyan and purple. So mod!

4. Check It

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While French white tips are classy and so chic, switch up the look with this checkboard inspired one. They’re a little rebellious (anyone else remember doodling this in their notebooks back in school?) but they can be classy too!

5. Luminous And Iridescent

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Iridescent nails are still in trend. Merge it with a French manicure and you get this beautiful outcome.

6. French Ombres

Similar to adding a nude line just under your white tips, this ombre trend gives your nail more dimension and looks visually interesting. Best part is, you can experiment with different shades like grey, purple or green — depending on your mood.

7. 80’s Rewind

Remember those psychedelic freeform shapes and lines found peppered onto just about anything in the 80’s? Channel them onto your nails for a look that’s cute and so retro.

8. Double It

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This mod design is minimalistic and so easy to do too.

9. Fadded Tips

Another way to wear the French manicure, this faded style doesn’t deviate away from the norm too much yet still manages to look interesting.

10. Too School For Cool

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Get this look either with some themed decals or with a micro brush. It’s cute and you can express your creativity too!