1. The Classic French 

Who says you can’t improve on a classic? Especially with this sleek combination of dark grey and an eye-popping metallic.

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2. Centred Line

Nothing says summer quite like sipping on a margarita in chic beachwear. Complete the look with a neatly manicured nail in sea-blue tone, with a nautical-inspired line drawn at the centre.

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3. Water Droplets 

What happens when you combine three trending nail looks – minimalist, nude, and wet.

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4. Full Moon

If you’re a fan of YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan’s curated moodboard of dreamy Instagram snaps (@michellephan), you’ll love this. The moon-like cosmic circles paired with a soft lavender creates the perfect statement nail.

5. Abstract

Like miniature Kandinsky artworks, this sophisticated design adds a touch of cool to otherwise plain monochrome outfits.

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6. Negative Space

If you’re feeling lazy, this look allows you to get away with not painting your whole nail. Eye-catching and graphic, stack on a bunch of minimalist rings for a more polished look.

7. Halo Effect 

We can’t get enough of the halo shape. Minimalist + artsy + bold = on-trend perfection.

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8. Glossy Accent

A refreshing take on using a single colour: a glossy base (in the same hue) for instant glam.

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9. The Ombre Effect 

The ombre effect is always a winner. Especially when the colour gradient looks this pretty!

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10. Matte And Gold 

The matte base creates the perfect platform for these gold accents to shine.

✨ Matte and Gold ✨

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Text: Sharon Salim/Female
Additional Reporting: Atika Lim
Images: Embed from Instagram
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