Being unhappy with the way you look can take a toll on your confidence. But not all hope is lost, especially with the advances of aesthetic science there is now a range of safe and effective treatments which can help you achieve a more beautiful appearance. Here are five ways you can do it:

Extra Help From Medi-Aesthetics
With advancements in medi-aesthetic procedures, there is now a plethora of treatments you can choose from to enhance your looks. This range from fillers, Botox, subcision and skinboosters to laser treatments like CO2, Q-Switch and diode laser.

Whether you choose non-invasive procedures or more intense treatments to redefine your look, it’s best to consult with qualified medical professionals before deciding what is best for your needs. At Dore Medical Clinic, Dore Aesthetics’ sister company, a team of experts will help guide you through their extensive range of aesthetic services and make sure your beauty needs are met.

Dore Aesthetics, located at SBF Center, 160 Robinson Road #4-02 S(068914), offers all the above treatments. Visit for more information.

Their sister company, Dore Medical Clinic, is located conveniently next door and offers a range of medi-aesthetics procedures.

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