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1. Cockroaches

They say scary things come out at night, but it’s scarier when you spot them in the day. Cockroaches scavenge most actively at night, so if you spot them in the daytime, you might have a serious roach infestation in your home.

Cockroaches thrive in dark, moist places like behind your refrigerator or within wall cracks; they can even flatten their bodies to fit into the narrowest of areas. And we mean narrowest, like under your mat.

You know the drill: Keep your home clean and avoid leaving food out in the open. Areas with cockroach fecal droppings that look similar to ground coffee (we don’t mean to ruin coffee for you) are critical areas to target when you try to kill them off with insecticide.

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2. Ticks and fleas

The good news: Once these blood-sucking vermin lay eggs, they die.

The bad news: They can lay thousands of eggs at a time, so that’s at least 999 more ticks you’ll be dealing with. To make things worse, fleas and ticks thrive in hot, humid weather. The problem? That’s exactly what Singapore is.

Homes with gardens and yards or pets, in particular, are doubly prone to ticks and fleas, as these voracious pests lurking outdoors can easily be brought into the house.

Identifying a flea infestation can be simple – check for flea dirty that look like specks of black pepper, or look for flea bites that typically appear as a cluster of raised red bumps.

It’s eliminating it that’s hard, and kids can easily catch flea-bourne infections like tapeworms when they play on infested carpeted floors or rugs. Thoroughly clean your home with a vacuum, emptying the contents to prevent leaving traces of eggs behind after, and wash lived-in items like beddings and rugs. That said, it’s best to engage a pest control specialist for proper treatment and to rule out potential risks.

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3. Bed bugs

Psst! You might be completely unsuspecting of a bed bug infestation in your home.

Female bed bugs lay eggs just after 3 days of mating – tons of them – and they spread around your home easily by latching onto just about anything – which means a couple of bed bugs around your home could escalate to a full-blown infestation in no time.

How to know if your home is infested with bed bugs? They’re commonly mistaken for the more harmless book louse, but the most apparent telltale signs are shed skin on your bedsheets or sofa; bed bug bites are usually flat with a raised bump, and appear in a single row on your body.

Beat the bed bugs by vacuuming your carpet, fabric drapes and upholstered furniture, and dispose of the vacuumed contents carefully to prevent any potential fall-outs.

However, it’s easy to miss infested areas in the house given how excessively these pests migrate around. DIY methods proving ineffective? A professional pest control service in Singapore can better treat a bed bug problem.

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4. When it still doesn’t work…

Are they bed bugs or book louse? Bees or wasps? Many of these similar-looking pests are hard to tell apart, even with the help of the ever-trusty Google. Or, worse, some pests are deep in hiding and you’ll have trouble spotting them, let alone identifying them.

Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs or any other household pests you may or may not be able to identify, try Rentokil, a pest control expert that provides thorough accurate site inspections and effective treatments.

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