4 Mistakes You're Committing With Your Hair Masks
Photo: Unsplash / Pixabay

#1 Washing it off too early

Hair masks provide deep nourishment and often takes more than 10 minutes for the ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft. Be sure to leave the hair mask on for the recommended length of time as stated on the bottle or jar.

#2 Applying it on hair that’s too wet

Avoid applying hair mask on hair that’s dripping wet as some product might slip right off your hair. Better yet, towel dry your hair before putting on hair mask and then put on a shower cap for it to work its magic.

#3 Not concentrating on the ends

While hair masks are great at repairing frizz, some might end up weighing hair down. Apply hair mask starting from the ends and work your way up. After all, it’s the section that requires the most TLC.

#4 Combing hair with a narrow tooth comb

Whenever possible, try not to comb hair when it’s wet or you might end up tugging them off. However, if you want to ensure that the hair mask is distributed evenly, always use a wide tooth come and work your way through hair gently to prevent breakage.

What are some other hair mistakes you have to share? Comment below!