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The most obvious signs of ageing on a woman’s face are lines and wrinkles. For most women, these lines appear on five common areas and not the entire face, but it’s enough to age a person’s face by five, or even 10 years older, when they appear.

Click through the gallery below to find out which are the top five areas where lines appear on your face as you age, that you should be most concerned with:

Smoothing Out Your Line Problems
Getting rid of wrinkles and lines on the face completely might seem impossible without the help of aesthetic procedures, but there are ways and beauty products to help lessen their appearance.

megami no lifty lifty - Real Beauty Product
Hailing from Japan, Megami No Lifty-Lifty is a fast-acting anti-wrinkle cream designed to target the five areas where lines appear most. It contains effective and skin-nourishing ingredients like apple stem cells, rose stem cells, fullerenes, peptides, placenta and other skin-conditioning ingredients.

Megami No Lifty-Lifty Before and After
Megami No Lifty-Lifty works its skin-smoothing magic almost immediately after application.

Just a small rice-grain size amount is all you need to see results; apply in the morning by gently sliding the cream from your chin to your temple using your finger. Dab under three areas: Eyes, mouth and chin, then immediately swipe finger up to lift the skin and smoothen wrinkles and lines. The resulting plump and smooth skin with lines minimised can last through the day. To see more lasting improvements in skin tone, include Megami No Lifty-Lifty as one of your essential daily skincare regime and keep using it to lessen fine lines and wrinkles on your face over time.

Megami No Lifty-Lifty, $24, is available at TOKYU HANDS stores in Singapore. 

Brought to you by Real Beauty Product.