1. You Don’t Clean Mascara Off Properly 

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We love our mascaras. After all, they make our eyes pop and makes us look awake in the mornings. However, if you’re not cleaning your mascara off properly every time you’re done using it, chances are, your eyelashes will suffer.

The stiff coating that coats your eyelashes everytime you use mascara could cause your lashes to become brittle and break easily. Mascara hardens over time and weighs lashes down, making them prone to breakage.

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2. You Rub Your Eyes Too Hard 

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Your eyelashes are actually really sensitive and can fall easily. Whenever you rub your eyes too hard when they’re itchy or when you’re trying to remove eye makeup, you could accidentally yank your eyelashes out without knowing it.

So, the next time you’re trying to remove stubborn eye makeup, leave the cotton pad or makeup removing wipes on your eyes a little longer. It’ll dissolve the makeup more effectively so you don’t have to rub so hard.

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3. You Use Waterproof Mascara Every Day 


Using waterproof mascara once in a while is fine but it shouldn’t be your everyday mascara.

The ingredients used in waterproof mascara can sometimes dry your eyelashes out, making them more brittle. Waterproof mascara can also be really difficult to remove so if you know you’re going to head out for a long night with the girls, perhaps opt for a non-waterproof mascara instead so it’s easier to clean and wash off. That way, you can get to bed even faster!

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4. You’re Always Using False Lashes


False lashes and extensions are gorgeous but you shouldn’t be depending on them all the time. Wearing falsies can cause loss of eyelashes thanks to the weight they put in your eyelids.

However, if you absolutely have to wear falsies, make sure you’re removing it properly instead of yanking it off. Make it a point to loosen the glue close to your lash line to make it easier for you to remove your falsies.

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5. You Curl Your Eyelashes Too Hard 


Using an eyelash curler could accidentally pull your eyelashes out. Instead of constantly curling to achieve your desired effect, try this beauty hack out: heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer!

Allow the curler to cool off slightly so your eyelashes curl up more naturally.

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