Nail Polish For Runs In Stockings

5-beauty-products-that-can-fix-fashion-emergencies_1Getting tights caught on a nail, or anything for that matter, isn’t particularly uncomon. But before you cry in despair, reach out for that bottle of clear nail polish, apply a little on the snag and leave it to harden. It won’t fill the hole but it will stop the run from laddering further.

2. Toothpaste To Remove Nail Stains

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If toothpaste helps whiten your teeth, then it should be able to whiten your nails too, no? Using a regular toothbrush, scrub down your nails with whitening toothpaste, let the lather sit for a minute or so before washing it off.

3. Perfume As Nail Polish Remover

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That’s a really pricey manicure, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And we’re pretty sure the odds of you having some unfinished perfume lying around are higher than a nail polish remover. Spritz some onto a cotton pad and wipe your nails as per normal. Perfumes contain ethyl acetate, which is also present in most nail polish removers.

4. Razor To De-Pill Clothes

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A razor is good for not only shaving unwanted hairy situations but also a cheap and easy way to get rid of the fuzz on your sweater. Lay the fabric tautly across a flat surface and gently shave in small strokes, pulling the fuzz along. Use tape to accummulate and dispose of the pilling.

5. Flat Iron To Remove Creases


Well, a flat iron is essentially an iron right? Although we recommend investing in a trusty clothes iron, a flat iron would definitely be a handy item to bring along for a trip to double up as an iron and hair straightener.

Text: Chow Rong Qian/Cleo Singapore