1. Stand Up Paddleboarding


This relatively easy sport is perfect for just about anyone. Even if you’re not the athletic sort, you’ll feel like exercise is actually really low impact.

You’ll also get a full body workout. As you paddle, your core and legs work harder to stabilise your centre of gravity so you maintain balance.

Your arms and shoulders on the other work to push the board (and you!) forward and with resistance from water, it’s not a super easy feat.

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2. Trampolining

It might sound like a kid’s sport but. trampolining is heaps of fun and great for your cardiovascular system.

You’ll also be working on your leg muscles and sculpt your abs too. Trampoline workouts require an insane amount of balance and stability, especially since you’ll be landing on a very soft “ground”.

Not convinced? See how trampoline workouts can be both intense yet easy below:

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3. Aqua Spinning


We’re all up for aqua spinning because burns so many calories with just one workout.

Thanks to the water pressure, your legs and body will be working even harder to cycle. On top of that, aqua spinning is said to be able to effectively burn cellulite. Water friction helps to “massage” your cellulites away and improve your lymphatic system.

Interested in joining a class? You’ll be happy to know that AquaSpin in Singapore offers such classes. Check them out, here. 

4. Hula Hooping


Did you know, hula hooping could actually help you burn up to 600 calories in an hour?

These days, there are weighted hula hoops that provide more intensity so your body burns more.

Here’s where you can get some weighted hula hoops to try out!

5. Frisbee


Between running and having to jump to catch the frisbee, you’ll be at least 100 calories in the span of 30 minutes.

The best part is, it’s a free sport and you’ll have so much fun playing with friends!