1. Use A Business Card To Get It Right

As famed beauty vlogger, Michelle Phan, shows, a simple business card could be used for just about ANYTHING.

Simply align the business card upwards and draw on a dramatic cat eye. It’s so easy! You can also use it to help you apply mascara and prevent it from smudging on your face. Genius!

2. Trace With A Light Eye Pencil

We know, it seems a little elementary school like but tracing with a light eye pencil (e.g. brown) and then going over with a jet black liquid eyeiner could help you achieve the perfect wing tips!

Alternatively, you could “dot” your eyes and connect it with a line (as shown in the video above). It takes some practice but after a while, it’ll be so easy to do!

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3. Use Some Scotch Tape

Cut a piece of tape and place it upwards just like the business card. If you’re also learning how to shade better with your eyeshadow, the scotch tape trick can help guide you. Afterwards, gently take the tape off!

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4. Use A Spoon

This method takes a wee bit of practice but it results is a lovely dramatic look. Watch the video above to see how it’s done!

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5. The Head Tilt

This trick doesn’t require many tools but it does require some patience. When applying eyeliner, simply tilt your head back slightly. It’ll give you a better view of where to start and end your winged tips. You’ll also be able to see if it’s of equal lengths on both sides.