5 foods to blast belly fat
Lose belly fat without losing muscle mass by focusing on lean protein and vegetables.

Calorie cutting isn’t the sole solution to losing belly fat as you’ll drop muscle mass, and it’s important to maintain that as we grow older. Dieting can also increase fat storage so focus on vegetables, fruit and lean protein. Here is what researchers recommend:

An apple a day

Increasing your daily soluble fibre intake by just 10 g can reduce visceral fat by 3.7 per cent. An example of 10 g of fibre is two small apples plus one cup of green peas and one half cup of kidney beans.
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Cut down on carbs

In a US study one group ate a diet with 55 per cent carbs and the other received only 43 per cent carbs. Those on the lower carb diet lost 11 per cent more deep abdominal fat.

Go pro

A Japanese study found regular consumption of the probiotic lactobacillus gasseri present in yoghurt reduces belly fat. Taking small amounts of it for 12 weeks decreased abdominal fat by 4.6 per cent.

Brown is better

Cutting out white bread, but not brown, is linked with lower gains in abdominal fat.

It’s good to be green

Drinking green tea resulted in a reduction in visceral fat, according to Chinese researchers.


Eating excess saturated fat, found in butter, bacon and palm oil, appears to cause a greater increase in belly fat than polyunsaturated fat, from fish, nuts and olive oils, says Swedish research. Saturated fat seems to turn on genes that increase belly fat storage. So try to cut down on foods with saturated fat.

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