5 Foundation Mistakes You MIght Be Committing
Using the right tools can make a world of difference when it comes to applying foundation. (Photo: NARS)

#1 Your foundation shade doesn’t match your skin tone

The most common foundation mistake that people commit usually stems from the moment they’re testing it. Ensure that you’re trying out the shade on your jawline (instead of your hands) and that you’re checking it under good lighting. Yellow light often throws off the accuracy of a matching foundation, and you might end up buying a tone that is wrong for your skin.

If you have been outdoors for an extended period of time over the weekend, it is possible that you might go a shade or two darker. You don’t need to throw the foundation out though, The Body Shop’s Shade Adjusting Drops (S$29.90) will allow you to go darker or lighter depending on your needs.

The Body Shop Light Adjusting Drops, S$29.90
Lighten or darken foundation with just one drop.

#2 You don’t blend foundation past the jawline

It’s important that you don’t see a distinction between where you applied foundation, and where you don’t. Blend foundation all the way down past your jawline so that it doesn’t look like you just put on a mask.

#3 You use too much product

Most foundations require very little product to cover the entire face, especially with light-weight foundation that have very high coverage. Instead of feeling the pressure to use up everything you dispensed, try using one pump first and add on if it’s insufficient. That way, you don’t end up loading on too much on your face or waste your foundation.

#4 You’re not storing it properly

As with other make-up products you own, ensure that they are stored in a cool, dry spot. Direct sunlight, heat and dampness often reduces the lifespan of a product, and maybe even expose it to bacteria.

#5 You’re not using the right tools

While some may argue that the heat from your fingers helps foundation glide on easier, it is hard for it to reach into the nook and crannies of your face. Brushes and sponges ensure that foundation is applied evenly on the face, and allows it to adhere to your skin better.

Best Tools For Applying Foundation
Clockwise from left: 13rushes Angled Flat Foundation Brush (S$23), MAKE UP FOR EVER 124 Powder Kabuki Brush (S$85), Beautyblender Original (S$32), Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator (S$75)