1. Ceramides


Ceramides aid in water retention on a cellular level due to its fatty composition. Water molecules within the skin cells will find it difficult to escape, this skin cells will remain plumps with moisture for longer. Say hello to glowy, dewy skin!

Photo: Pexel




Retinol, a form of vitamin A that’s abundant in orange/yellow coloure fruits, are great for promoting enhanced cell turnover. Skin-clogging dead skin cells will shake off upon usage. In the long run, skin will be decongested, skin tone will even out, and early signs of ageing like fine lines will dissipate.

Best used at night before bed, as this compound is sensitive to light. Because skin is thinner by the next day, don’t forget to leave your house with sunscreen.

Photo: Pexel

3. Alpha Hydroxy Acids


On days where your skin requires a pick-me-up, AHAs will be there to save the day. It removes surface dead skin cells throughout the day, revealing baby soft skin that light would gladly bounce off, giving you the radiance that you desire. Some examples include glycolic acid and lactic acid. Again, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Photo: Pexel

4. Hyaluronic Acid 


Don’t be fooled by the word “acid”. This ingredient is a potent humectant, holding up to 1000 times its weight in water.

The result? Plumped up skin that’s dewy, moisturised and glowy!

Photo: Pexel

5. Vitamin C 

Orange Peel

Vitamin C is great with promoting radiance. Its acidic nature helps to slough off dead skin cells gently, which in turn brings younger looking skin to the surface.

On a cellular level, it promotes the production of collagen, which lifts skin, making it appear firmer and tighter. Who doesn’t want that?

Text: Syed Zulfadhli/Harper’s Bazaar

Photo: Pexel