1. Sourdough Bread Instead of French Loaf

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Although it is made from white flour, sourdough bread doesn’t cause a spike in your blood sugar unlike the other white breads. During the process of making sourdough, lactic acid is produced by the bacteria used to ferment the dough.Research has shown that lactic acid is found to reduce blood sugar once consumed.

2. Salsa Instead of Cream-Based Dips

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Indulging in corn chips won’t be so sinful without cheese and mayo. Salsa is low in calories and contains a whole lot of vitamin C!

3. Cauliflower Rice Instead of White Rice

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This actually sounds less complicated to prepare than it sounds. Simply throw some cauliflower into a food processor until it looks like rice, then fry it in a pan along with your favourite spices or herbs. Easy to prep and you’ll cut down on half the carbs you usually get in a bowl of regular rice.

4. Sweet Potatoes Instead Of White Potatoes

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It doesn’t matter if they are on the sweeter side. Sweet potatoes generally contain more fibre, less carbs and more vitamin C than white potatoes. Have them mashed or strung into fries – either way they are a better alternative.

5. Greek Yogurt Instead Of Sour Cream

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The difference in taste between these two is almost undetectable. Fat-free greek yogurt also makes a better protein-rich replacement compared to sour cream.