#1 Draw your brows

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Katy Perry is almost unrecognisable in this photo, which goes to show how important eyebrows are. 

#2 Coloured contact lenses are not for everyone

Have you ever had a friend that kept wearing big-eye contact lenses that made their eyes look like they are trying to look into your soul? This is how we feel about Kanye’s coloured contacts.

#3 Metallics can make or break you

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Kristen Stewart is a beautiful woman with the wrong make-up at the Met Gala. The graphic silver lid looked really flat and didn’t accentuate her features well. Jordan Dunn on the other hand, used silver eye shadow sparingly, complementing the perfection that is her grey hair.

#4 Not everyone can wear dark lips

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Taylor Swift is no stranger to bold lips, but the switch from her usual bright red to a dark, vampy red made her complexion look washed out and tired. Dark lipstick can also make lips look thinner than usual, so those with thin lips should avoid darker colours. 

#5 It’s okay to go natural

Makeup should be about enhancing your natural beauty, something which Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have nailed in their Met Gala looks. Selena wore nude lips with cat eyeliner, while Kendall was glowing with strategically-applied bronzer and highlighter.