1. Coconut Oil

Is coconut oil good for you

From removing your makeup to moisturising your skin, coconut oil is the one multipurpose product your skin really needs.

You can also use it in your hair to moisturise it while you sleep.

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2. Olive Oil

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Another moisturising oil, olive oil is high in antioxidants which helps skin and hair from free-radicals and other environmental agressors.

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3. Almond Oil

AlmondsPacked with vitamin E and other fatty acids, almond oil is great for nourishing thirsty skin with moisture and much needed minerals. Use it at night for better absorption.

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4. Argan Oil 


Hair’s best kept secret, argan oil is great for keeping hair shiny and free of frizz.

5. Rosehip Oil 


High in vitamins and essential fatty acids, rosehip oil actually contains anti-ageing properties.