1. Rice Water Can Help Get Rid Of Acne

5 Reasons To Never Throw Away Rice Water

Indonesian women swear by this skincare hack. In fact, it’s been alleged that Japanese geishas did it too.

Rice water is said to have toning properties and can help absorb UV rays.

Here’s how to use it:

After washing your rice, funnel the water into a glass or plastic jar and leave in the fridge to cool.

Use a cotton wool to apply it all over face after cleansing.

2. It’s Great For Plants 

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Thanks to the nutrients and proteins found in rice, rice water is great for supplying plants with the nutrients they need. It’ll help keep plants shiny and strong too!

Water your plants at least once every week with rice water to see major improvements.

3. It Can Help Strengthen Hair


Rice water contains proteins that can help fill in the cracks and strengthen hair particles.

After shampooing, rub some rice water on your hair and leave for 10 minutes. Wash away after.

4. It Can Help You Starch White Clothes 

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Just soak white clothes in a bit of diluted rice water and rinse off after about five minutes. You’ll end up with easy to iron clothes that will remain creaseless.

5. It Can Help Soothe Skin Irritation

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If your child starts getting a rash, apply some cold rice water on cotton pads and leave it on your child’s skin. The cooling properties in rice water will help soothe and lessen inflammation on skin.