1. It Makes Your Eyes Look Bigger

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By using a nude eye pencil to line your lower waterline, your eyes will automatically look more awake. White may be too harsh of a hue, so a nude shade that’s a little lighter than your skin tone gets the job done while looking the most natural.

If you’ve got eyes that slant downwards at the outer corners, you can consider smudging in a nude pencil to conceal any darkness around the outer corners of your eyes so that they look a little more lifted.

2. It Can Clean Up Eyeliner Mistakes

4 Tips To Stop Eyeliner From SmudgingWe all know the pain that comes with trying to perfect a winged tip. Instead of bringing makeup wipes or cotton buds with you, a concealer pencil will keep your lines sharp without removing the base eye makeup around your liner.

3. It Can Double Up As Highlighter

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You don’t have to carry around an extra product for subtle highlighting when you’ve got one of these in your bag. You can use them to brighten up areas like your nose bridge, chin, forehead, or any facial features you wish to highlight. Simply blend out with your fingertips.

4. Define Your Eyebrows

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Filling in brows can be a tedious affair, whether you’re trying to transform relatively sparse brows or are simply looking to add definition to a sharp angled brow. Simply clean up any messy lines with the nude pencil and blend out with your fingertips. This saves the hassle of using a brush, making it easy to touch up on the go.

5. Make Your Lips Look Fuller

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Instead of the hassle of overlining your lips Kylie Jenner-style, a simpler way to make your lips look fuller is to highlight the edge of your cupid’s bow (the dip on your top lip) with a lighter nude shade. This will hit the light and accentuate the shape and fullness of your lip.

Text: Alyssa Dhaliwal/HerWorld Plus

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim