1.  Slime In Your Deli Meats


Pay more attention to your deli foods as they have a higher amount of water content. hence they tend to get real slimy after a week. The slime would be an indication of bacteria forming, when the meat’s tissue is breaking down.

2. Mould In Your Cheese

10 Delicious Foods For A Healthy Digestive System_Feta Cheese

With the exception of blue cheese and brie where mould is actually edible, be mindful of cream cheese, shredded cheese and cottage cheese. You might find it tempting to pick out the mould and just eat the parts that seem fine however the moisture level in these cheeses can make the spores spread faster than you think.

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3. Foul Smells In Your Meats and Fish

fish in crates

The most accurate way to find out your meats and fish have gone bad is through smelling them. Once you get a good whiff, you’ll most likely know if it needs to be thrown out.

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4. Meal Prepping Leftovers


If you’re big on prepping your meals in a go for the whole week, there’s a chance of it going bad after two to three days. Some foods are made to last only for a few days and not for such a long period of time. To be on the safer side, keep the prep servings to only last for two to three days instead.

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5. If It’s Been Out Of The Fridge For Too Long


Cooked foods that have been left out for more than two hours should be thrown away as bacteria thrive better in warm and humid environments.

Toss our eggs, dairy, raw meats and fish too.

Text: Janice Sim/Shape Singapore