Constipated by Dairy Products
Lactose can also cause gas that leads to an upset stomach.

If you need to help get things moving, you have a variety of delicious high-fibre foods and snacks to pick from. However, it could be worth looking at what you’re already eating, as these surprising suspects could be behind why you’re getting constipated.


Milk tends to be quite high in fat, which can slow down the digestion process. And, thanks to all that lactose, milk (and cheese, unfortunately) can also cause excess gas and upset stomach; if you’re a little backed up, cut down on your daily dairy to see if it makes a difference.

Constipated by Red Meat
Red meat’s fat and protein fibres put the digestive system into slow-mo mode.


Again, all that fat present in red meat kicks your digestive system into slow-mo effect, while its protein fibres aren’t that easy for our bodies to process either. Try going meat free just once a week, and swapping in more fish and lean meat instead.

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Constipated by Green Bananas
Starch in unripe bananas won’t do your digestive system any favours.


Green ones, anyway. Unripe bananas are quite high in starch, which really doesn’t help any existing constipation problems you may be having. Topping your cereal with fresh berries instead will up your dietary fibre.

Constipated by caffeine
Too much caffeine can be dehydrating, leading to constipation.


Yes, believe it or not, overdoing it on the coffee can actually dehydrate you, which in turn leads to constipation. Try cutting back on your java and upping your water intake to keep that hydration up.

Constipated by chocolate
Fat in foods like chocolate causes the digestion to slow down.


In more upsetting news, your daily chocolate fix could also be doing you no favours. Chocolate is a double-whammy; it can contain caffeine, which dehydrates, and is also high in fat, slowing down digestion again. If you’re peckish, reach for 30 g of nuts, which are full of protein and high in fibre.

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Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly/Bauer