1. Cool It Down 
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Waxing can often leave your skin feeling irritated and itchy so be sure to give it time to cool off once you’re done with your appointment. Wipe the area gently to remove any remnants of wax and apply some aloe vera or lavender oil to get the stinging out.

2. Avoid Plucking Stray Hairs

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Saw that there ara a couple of strays hairs still lingering near your eyebrows? Try your best to stop plucking it until afterwards when your skin has stopped being inflammed.

Plucking your eyebrows immediately after could cause your already irritated skin to break out.

3. Avoid Piling On Products

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Right after waxing, your skin is aggravated and raw, so it’s not exactly the best idea to apply lots of makeup right after.

Instead, of slapping on pomade and powders that could clog pores, opt for eyebrow tints to lightly fill in brows without having any contact with your skin.

Once skin has cooled down, go ahead and fill it to your heart’s content!


4. Moisturise The Area

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After showering, make it a point to moisturise the skin around your eyebrows to soothe it and replenish lost moisture.

5. Avoid Exfoliating Your Face

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Don’t aggravate the skin even further. If you really must exfoliate, avoid the area around your eyebrows as much as possible. Doing so might just dry your skin out cause red bumps to form.