1. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

12 Ways Drinking Warm Water Can Heal Your BodyIf you’re substituting water for coffee, tea or soda, here’s a good reason to stop. Caffeine dehydrates your body while only water can do the trick of flushing out the toxins. Nor drinking water can lead to your hair losing its shine and causing your scalp and hair to be dry.

2. You Use Dry Towels

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Some of us do this almost everyday without realising the damage that’s being inflicted on our hair. The intense friction of the towel can add to more frizz, especially when we are in a hurry. Instead of rubbing, try blotting your hair gently with your towel. Also, choose to use microfibre towels that are better for our tresses.

3. You Sleep With Your Hair Down

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Tossing and turning while in your sleep could lead to vigorous friction to your hair. Try putting your hair in a topknot and securing it with bobby pins as the use of a rubber band can lead to unwanted pressure to your scalp.

4. You Don’t Read The Labels of Your Hair Products 

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If the styling products that you use on a daily basis contain water, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be using to keep frizz away. Also avoid products that contain a high percentage of alcohol.

5. You Don’t Protect It From The Sun

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Yes you might be fully aware of the dangers of sun damage to your skin but seem to always neglect your hair when it comes to UV protection. Remember to spritz on treatment products that contain SPF before leaving the house.

Text: Janice Sim/Shape