1. Don’t Lick Your Lips 

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This is our first instinct whenever our lips feel dry, but exposure to saliva actually makes the skin on the lips dry out even faster. As tempting as it may be, whip out your lip balm and apply it instead.

2. Avoid Lip Balms With Perfume and Artificial Colours 

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They could potentially irritate your skin instead of working as a solution to dry lips. If you apply lip balm several times a day, it’s best to switch to an all-natural formula.

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3. Drink More Water

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Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Not drinking enough water can lead to chapped lips cracking and bleeding.

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4. Moisturise Lips Before Bed 

The Best Lip Balms with SPF to Wear in the Sun

Leave on moisturiser or coconut oil before sleeping. This can repair cracked lips and keep them well hydrated for the following day.

5. Exfoliate Daily

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Whether it’s with your toothbrush or lip scrub, exfoliating gets rid of all those dead skin cells to reveal smoother lips.

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