1. Use Your Mobile Phone

iphone-410311_1280 PHONE

Mobile phones are low-power radio-frequency transmitters. A defective phone battery may generate a spark and a possibility of a fire. Otherwise, phones are more dangerous as a source of distraction.

See the video below for how a bike accidentally caught fire while at a petrol station:

2. Avoid Synthetic Material

how to save on energy bills at home hang clothes

Walking around the petrol station in certain synthetic fabrics can cause static electricity. It can ignite the fuel vapours to cause a flash fire. That is why gas attendants wear uniforms made from a cotton blend.

3. Don’t Leave The Engine On When Refueling

5 Things Not To Do At A Petrol Station_Car

For the sake of comfort, most people leave their engines on while refuelling. However, a stray spark or a leak in the engine can trigger a fire. Also, avoid turning on the engine while the vehicle is still refuelling.

4. Don’t Smoke

5 Things Not To Do At A Petrol Station_Smoke

Lighting a cigarette in a place full of flammable substances is definitely a no-no. Technically, cigarettes cannot light gas or gas vapours but the lighters and matches can easily set fires in the right circumstances. To be safe, refrain from lighting up in a petrol station.

5. Avoid Sliding In And Out of Your Vehicle

5 Things Not To Do At A Petrol Station_Car 2

The motion of sliding in and out of your car can create static electricity on your body. Avoid doing that while the car is refuelling. If you must exit or re-enter your vehicle, remember to touch the metal part of the car body to diffuse the static.