Photo: Pixabay

If you thought your swimsuits were designed to withstand the harsh conditions of chlorine water and repetitive spinning in the wash, think again. They’re delicate and can often come at a hefty price. Here’s what you shouldn’t be doing to yours if you want it to last through the next few years.

1. Not washing your swimsuit after every use

Even if you were only suntanning, always wash your swimsuit after you wear it. Salt, chlorine and sunscreen can cause the fabric of your swimsuit to fade and discolour.

2. Throwing it in the washing machine

Swimsuits can only be gently handwashed with a little soap and never thrown in the washing machine. Doing so will breakdown the lycra and even damage the bra cups.

3. Wringing your swimsuit dry

This is a common error for those who like to twist or roll their swimsuits dry, especially if you’re in a hurry to pack it home. Doing so will wear out the elastic fibres and ultimately result in your swimsuit expanding.

4. Putting it in the dryer

Excess heat weakens the elasticity of the spandex. Dry your swimsuit the natural way, either flat or on a hanger. Also try to avoid direct sunlight as that could cause the colour to fade.

5. Not paying attention to where you sit

Be mindful when sitting on rough surfaces while wearing your swimsuit. The rough granite could tug at the delicate fabric. Lay a towel underneath wherever possible to protect your swimsuit from the terrain.