5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin
Wash off make-up before you sleep, no matter how tired you are. (Photo: Splitshire.com)

#1 Sleeping with your make-up

Of all skin sins, this is the biggest one, but it’s not surprising to find that many people have committed it at least once in their life. The body repairs itself when you sleep and this includes the skin as well, so it’s important to have a night regimen which encourages skin rejuvenation.

When left overnight, make-up can clog pores and encourage impurities to stick to skin when you sleep, risking the occurrence of pimples. Plus, it is gross to have your make-up rub off on your pillow, and have to sleep on the same pillowcase the next day. Make it a point to remove make-up thoroughly (that includes under-eye smudges) before you go to bed.

#2 Not cleaning your make-up brushes

When make-up brushes are dirty, they’re the perfect breeding ground for germs. These bacteria get transferred onto your face the next time you use these brushes so there’s no telling when your skin is going to get a pimple outbreak. There are daily make-up brush cleaners that offer a quick disinfection but it’s always a good idea to give them a deep cleanse every week to get rid of deep-seated impurities and bacteria.

#3 Squeezing your pimples

It’s tempting (and somewhat cathartic) to burst pimples, but your nails harbour plenty of bacteria which increases the possibility of further infection and scarring as skin is broken. Resist the urge to squeeze them, and stick on an acne patch to so you won’t introduce bacteria to the pimple.

#4 Exfoliating too often

The squeaky clean and ultra-smooth feeling after scrubbing can be addictive, but this doesn’t mean that exfoliating every day would yield the same results. Over-exfoliation strips skin of natural moisture and damages skin’s protective barrier, so do it a maximum of twice a week, and don’t forget to moisturise after.

#5 Putting a dirty phone to your face

Most of us are practically glued to our mobile phones these days, and it’s common to sport oily fingerprints and marks on the screen — now imagine these dirt and grime on your face instead. Keep disinfecting wipes around and clean your mobile phone screens, especially if you have to answer calls often. A little goes a long way to ensure that your jawline stays pimple free.