How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer-Featured

#1 Exfoliate and moisturise

Think of your lips as a canvas and having a smooth surface for lipstick to go on will ensure that it’ll stay on longer. Exfoliate dry skin with a lip scrub and keep it hydrated with a lip balm, especially if you’re in an air-conditioned room all day.

#2 Use a lip liner

Lip liners are not only great for defining the shape of your lips, they also prevent lipstick from bleeding. After you’ve lined your lips, use the lip liner to colour in the rest of the lips before applying lipstick. This will add an extra layer of colour, and give it more mileage to last through the day.

#3 Use a lip brush

Applying lipstick using a lip brush will allow the product reach into the fine lines of your lips, and it will also help it adhere better to the lips so that it can stay on longer.

#4 Blot, blot, blot

Before you apply a second layer of lipstick, blot lightly on a piece of tissue so that excess product is removed, and the rest are pressed firmly and evenly onto the lips.

#5 Powder up

After blotting, place a small square of tissue over your lips and brush on some translucent powder to set the lipstick. The tissue should allow just a small amount of powder to reach the lips, giving it an invisible barrier for longer wear.

Photo: Takmeomeo / Pixabay