Whether it’s a sudden craving for chips or chocolate, we’ve all had unhealthy food cravings at least once. While it’s okay to give in once in a while, there are definitely ways to stop yourself before you take a bite that you might just regret a few weeks later.

1. Understand What Your Body Really Needs 

The three main similarities about junk food is that it’s usually high in calories, sugar and carbohydrates. So, it’s important to figure out what your body really needs. Are you tired, sleepy or just restless? Understanding how you feel and why you seem to crave such foods is key to managing your cravings.

2. Find Other Ways to Satisfy That Craving

Instead of avoiding your cravings entirely (trust us, this can be difficult), find ways to satisfy them in a healthy way. If you’re truly in need of a pick me up and think that chocolate is the best way to do so, why not munch on an apple instead? Or better still, jumping jacks to perk yourself up.

3. Eat A Fuller Lunch

While eating a fuller meal seems counter-intuitive when you’re trying to beat your cravings and lose weight, it might just help. When you’ve eaten a full meal, the chances of you craving food later in the day is lower because your brain constantly tells you that your stomach is fulfilled and happy. So when you’re out at lunch, load up on lean proteins, fibres and calcium.

4. Consider Whether You’re Eating Just To Pass Time

When you’re craving something unhealthy, ask yourself, are you actually craving the food or are you trying to satisfy your boredom inside? Majority of the time, it’s the latter.

5. Don’t Consider Food As A Form Of Reward

The relationship between food and your body actually has more to do with your emotions than you think. So before you reach out for that bag of chips as a way to reward yourself for going through a hard day, ask yourself, are there other ways that I can do this?