1. Listen to Music


You’d be surprised to know how well music can influence your attitude. Don’t believe us? Scientists have found that music from horror movies could influence why you’re so scared.

Seeing as such, perhaps upbeat music genres could push you even further to exercise better and for longer. Just before working out, why not create a playlist with songs that could motivate you. Apps like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal have playlists done by fitness brands like Nike for different workouts for you to listen to.

2. Keep It Fresh

woman running at the beach

Running the same route? Doing the same activities? After a while, working out can feel a little stale and repetitive if you don’t switch it up.

Make it a point to try different activities and run different routes instead. It’ll make it so much more fun for you!

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3. Take A Photo Right After The Exercising 


Do this so that you’ll remember how great it feels to accomplish a workout.

It might seem like a small thing to do but, it could actually help motivate and push you further.

4. Get Competitive 

10 Easy Lifestyle Changes To Make To Lose Weight_Exercise

We’re not talking about competing in a marathon or a race here, we’re saying compete with yourself!

We’re all a little competitive inside and want to better our goals so turn that into some motivation to get active. If you’ve got an acitivity tracker, chart out a running or weight goal that you can follow. Set realistic expectations and try to meet them. For example, if you usually run a kilometre a day but want to get further and run five, plot out a daily goals and try to achieve them.

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5. Use Fitness Apps

5 Free Fitness Apps That Help You Exercise Better_6

Mobile apps like the Nike+ Training Club and Nike Running Club can motivate you to reach your goals faster. They’re also able to track your progress and remind you of what you need to do to get to your goals.

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