1. Walk More To Work Or Lunch

9 ways to keep the weight off on holiday walkWhether it’s a 10 minutre walk out to lunch or a quick run for coffee, walking about helps to keep your activity levels up.

2. Do Lunges In Between Tasks

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Waiting for your computer to start up or for a page to load? Do some squats or lunges!

3. Do Some Workouts At Your Desk

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Whether it’s a bunch of leg lifts or simple scissor kicks, theseworkouts go a long way eventually.

4. Get A Workout In At Lunch

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Some gyms have lunch time workout sessions that let you get in a quick workout before you head on back to work. You’ll feel a lot more refreshed and energised too.

5. Wake Up Earlier 

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When you get up earlier, you’ve got even more time to fit in a workout and achive your fitness goals.