1. Drink Plenty Of Water

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The benefits of drinking plenty of water is endless. It sounds contrary but insufficient consumption of water is that causes water retention and in turn, bloating. A diet high in sodium also increases water retention.

That’s because, when the body feels like it doesn’t have much water, it retains whatever liquid it has in resulting in water retention. So, avoid salty food, especially processed food, so your tummy doesn’t bloat and make it a point to drink more water.

You’ll also make frequent trips to the bathroom which means, you’ll be flushing out toxins and prevent things like a urinary tract infection from happening.

2. Eat Regular Healthy Snacks


Having a protein-rich snack, like unsalted nuts at around 3pm or 4pm each day can help curb any early hunger pangs and regulate your blood sugar levels so you don’t feel sluggish or sleepy while at work.

Having a snack will also tide you till dinnertime and keep you from overindulging on certain foods especially when you’ve been hungry for hours.

3.  Eat More Fibre And Avoid Too Much Cruciferous Vegetables 

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Fibre, unlike refined sugar, isn’t easily digested by your body. This means it keeps your body full, but doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels like other carbohydrates. But, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale can cause gassiness so you should avoid eating too much of them just before you need to fit into a tight dress.


5. Get Moving

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You don’t have to do 100 crunches a day or plank for 15 minutes in the evening for a flat tummy. Leading an active lifestyle can aid your overall well-being too.

Stand up at your desk while working or take the stairs instead of the lift to subtly incorporate exercise into your everyday life.

Taking 10,000 steps a day or moving for about 30 minutes a day is enough to keep active.