1. Add Lemon To Your Water


Adding some lemon to your daily water intake helps to make drinking water much more tasty. It’s also great for detoxing and getting in some vitamins.

2. Walk Whenever Possible 

9 ways to keep the weight off on holiday walk

Try to fit in a walk whenever you can! Walk to your lunch spot or even walk to a further bus stop to get home.

3. Get Up From Your Desk

Here's How Often You Should Be Cleaning Your Office Desk_Desk

A desk bound job means you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting down so make sure you get once in a while to do some stretching and get your blood flowing.

4. Bring Healthy Snacks To Work

Carrots_10 Foods to Always Have In Your Fridge for Easy Weight Loss

If your excuse for not packing a healthy snack to the office is, “I’ve go no time!” plan a snack to take to work on the weekends instead. Make an effort to eat healthier and your body will thank you.

5. Eat Regular Meals


No matter how busy you are, make it a point to eat often to regulate your blood sugar levels. This way, your metabolism stays in track and you don’t get mood swings.