1. Keep Things In A Designated Place

Here's How to Stop Forgetting Things

If you have this habit of placing your keys every where at home, make it a point to assign it to one place and stick to it. For example, get a pretty bowl and place it near the door and put your keys there every time you reach home. This way, your keys never go missing again and you’ll always know where to find them.

Bowls, $31.90 from Kikki.K

2. Use Apps To Boost Brain Power

Here's How to Stop Forgetting Things

There are plenty of apps our there that help you boost brain power with memory and concentration games. We recommend the Mental Workout app that’s free and available for download on the Apple and Android app store.

3. Increase Awareness When You’re Out 

Here's How to Stop Forgetting Things

Whether it’s that commute to work or a walk out to get lunch, focus instead on your surroundings and zero in on the little details. This way, you’re also increasing your awareness of things happening around you.

4. Link Events With Stories

Here's How to Stop Forgetting Things
Friends in similar seasons will empathise better, and even have a tip or two to help.

If you have problem remembering events that happen, link these events together and create a story.

5. Use Abbreviations 

Here's How to Stop Forgetting Things

Got a shopping list that needs remembering? Create an abbreviation for the items you need and form an actual word or a sentence.