1. Try Brushing Your Hair Before Showering Instead of After

composite_14655735679390If you’re one to detangle your hair after you bathe while it’s wet, then we come bearing bad news. Wet hair is extremely sensitive, so combing through your locks before they’ve dried will result in hair breakage, which can in turn lead to split ends. It will also make conditioning your hair easier since you’ll be able to finger-comb the conditioner through with minimal tangling involved.

Also, when brushing your hair, make sure to start from the tips and move your way up to the roots. Focus on detangling the ends of your hair first before repeating the cycle, this time starting at the roots and gliding your way down.

2. Try To Avoid The Sun

How To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage-Wear a hat

Just like our skin, prolonged exposure to the sun can have adverse effects on our hair cuticles. This means frizzy, thinning hair that’s prone to split ends and breakage, and incredibly unhealthy hair that’s lost its sheen. We’re not suggesting to stay out of the sun completely, since that may be difficult in a country like Singapore, but be strategic about when you go out. If you need to be outdoors, step out in the morning or evening sun where possible, and wear a hat to protect your follicles too.

3. Try Sleeping on Satin


To look like royalty, we have to live like royalty, right? Well, not really, but sleeping on satin does make a huge difference for your hair (and skin!). Tossing and turning at night may translate to potential tugging on those delicate strands, which exerts unnecessary stress on our hair. You don’t have to go through a huge overhaul in your bedroom, but do invest in at least one satin pillowcase for nights of pampering.

4. Trim Your Hair Often

How To Get Frizz-Free Hair-FeaturedSplit ends can stop your hair from growing naturally so getting a trim once in a while once you’ve spotted a split end helps to maintain hair’s growth.

5. Conditioning Is Important

Percy Reed The Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse Nourish Conditioner

When hair is dry and frizzy, it tends to develop split ends more easily. So, remember to use conditioner when you shower or use some leave in conditioning products after you’ve showered.

Text: Emily Joosten/HerWorld Plus Additional Reporting: Atika Lim