As much as we love getting a new pair of shoes, we dread the initial pain of breaking into them for the first time. Often enough, we wind up with blisters and battered feet after a long day. Here’s how to prevent the vicious cycle from repeating itself.

Invest In Heels
You want your stylish investment to be comfy too. (Photo: Pixabay)

1. Wear them in short spurts

Instead of wearing them out for the whole day, plan it so that you will only wear them for a few hours each day. Continue doing so, and you’ll break into them without suffering.

2. Apply rubbing alcohol and water

Spritz this formula inside your brand new leather shoes and then immediately after, put them on for about half an hour. Repeat the process for a few times and your shoes should mould according to your feet size.

3. Freeze them

If your intention is to expand them for more comfort, put two plastic bags filled with water, into each of  your shoes, and leave them in the freezer overnight. The ice will expand your shoe.

4. Wear them with socks at home

Slip on thick socks and wear your new shoes at home while doing chores. This will also help to stretch your shoes out.

5. Turn up the heat

If your shoes are tight in certain areas like the front, blow it with a hairdryer. The heat will expand the shoe.