6 Beauty Products You Should Keep At Your Desk
Make sure these beauty products are within arm’s reach. Photo: stocksnap.io

We spend more than half of our waking hours at work, and that usually means that your skin undergoes dry and stressful conditions while you’re at your desk. Keep these products nearby so you can take a quick break to show your skin some TLC.

#1 Lip Balm

Air-conditioning can cause your lips to dehydrate, which can be really painful if you pick at the flaky skin. Protect and moisturise lips with a lip balm — it only takes a few seconds to apply and forms a great canvas for lipstick on go on.

TRY: Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 or Bioderma Atoderm Lèvres Stick Hydratant

#2 Sunscreen

We cannot emphasize the importance of reapplying your sunscreen enough. Sunscreens photo-degenerate (which means they stop working after being exposed to light for some time) and the amount you applied during your morning routine would have no effect against the UV rays by lunch. Keep a can of spray-on sunscreen around as it’s easy to apply over your makeup. Don’t forget your arms and decolletage if you’re wearing something sleeveless — your future self will thank you for being religious about sun protection.

TRY: L’Oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Face Mist or Biore UV Perfect Spray

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#3 Facial Mist

Facial mists hydrate and refresh skin, especially in an air-conditioned office where you skin is starved for moisture. The cooling sensation calms and soothes skin quickly (particularly after you come back from lunch), and even allows your makeup to last longer.

TRY: SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence or Fresh Rose Floral Toner

#4 Facial Blotter

Sebum is the main reason why your makeup slides, and you really shouldn’t touch up your foundation when your face is oily. Use facial blotters to rid extra shine before applying powder. Plus, blotters are a quick and easy fix when you’re needed for a surprise wefie.

TRY: MAC Blot Film or Shiseido Sweat and Oil Blotting film

#5 Hand Cream

Between typing on the keyboard and flipping through countless printouts, your hands go through a lot while at work. Keep them moisturised with a hand cream to prevent dryness and peeling cuticles!

TRY: L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream or Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy