1. Body Wash

6 Things That Cause Back Acne_BodyWash

If you’re battling an active breakout, avoid creamy body cleansers. Instead, look for one that’s infused with tea tree oil, which has disinfecting properties to speed up the healing process.

2. Harsh Cleaners or Scrubs

6 Things That Cause Back Acne_Body Scrub

In the same way the skin on your face produces more oil after it’s stripped of its natural oils, the skin on your body also reacts similarly, hence aggravating your acne.

3. You’re Not Applying Pimple Cream on Back Acne

6 Things That Cause Back Acne_Acne Cream

The antiseptic properties will help it heal faster and reduces the risk of scarring.

4. Tight Fitting Clothes

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The friction of your top against the infected area can worsen the inflammation and impede the healing process. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes to allow the skin to “breathe”.

5. Your Hair

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If you have a habit of resting your wet hair against your back after using leave-in conditioners and serums, stop now. Those products can clog the pores on your back, which leads to pimples.

6. Your Back Is Too Dry

6 Things That Cause Back Acne_Featured Image

Acne doesn’t only occur on oily skin, but also on very dry skin. Hence, if you find that your skin is too dry, lay off the oil-controlling products and start hydrating your back with a lightweight moisturiser.

Text: Hidayah Idris / Cleo

Additional Text: Atika Lim