1. Pulse at Virgin Active 

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If you’ve ever wondered if clubbing counts as a workout, you are on to something. Building upon the appeal of dancing in the dark, dance fitness company Clubbercise has come up with a dance routine called Pulse. Done with lights out and booming club music, you’ll hold a glow stick in each hand as you dance to chart-topping songs for 45 minutes.

Total bliss. An instructor will guide the dance moves, but feel free to improvise if you’re feeling extra groovy. The best part about dancing in the dark: No one can tell if you’re a noob! The next day, get ready for achy arms from all that pulsing.

2. Kickblitz at Amore Fitness

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You won’t have time to yawn during this action-packed workout, the latest fitness class choreographed by Amore Fitness instructors. It’s targeted at adrenalin junkies and all those who are looking for a high-intensity element in their exercise routine.

In this one-hour class, expect a fusion of kickboxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and body weight training exercises. In between jabs, kicks and punches, do burpees and high knees, then squats and planks. Be prepared to sweat buckets.

3. WeBarre

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Combining the best of ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training, barre workouts give you serious sculpting in the areas you want the most: abs, butt and thighs. Not to mention, a major confidence boost (you can’t get that from lifting weights in the gym) as you do plies, passes and tendus like a legit ballerina.

Get a taste of barre at Singapore’s first dedicated studio WeBarre. The barre classes are done to crowd-pleasing pop songs that are guaranteed to spur you on. We like the WeBarre Signature Multi-Level class as it offers a good mix of isometric exercises and dynamic movements, a great way to develop strength and grace.

4. Kung Fu Yoga at True Yoga

7 Fun Fitness Classes To Try Out_KungFu Yoga

Some yoga sessions will put you in zen mode, but not this. Kung Fu Yoga, the latest yoga style offered at True Yoga, is a dynamic practice that incorporates various forms of martial arts. You’ll enjoy better balance, hand-foot coordination, plus quicker reflexes afterwards. This 90-minute class is suitable for all except for those post-surgery or with heart conditions and joint inflammations.

5. U-Bound at True Fitness

7 Fun Fitness Classes To Try Out_U Bounce

6. Boogie Bounce Xtreme from ActiveSG Sports Centres and Clubs

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Bouncing on a mini trampoline is not as easy as it looks. In Boogie Bounce Xtreme, your balance and core strength will be tested as you perform a variety of exercises on a small trampoline, such as on-the-spot running and jumping jacks.

Done to energetic music, the 50-minute class consists of 30 minutes of high-intensity exercises, followed by 20 minutes of ab- and arm-sculpting moves – on the trampoline of course. It’s thrilling, so don’t be surprised if you exit the studio with trembling legs.

7. RIP Circuit at Pure Fitness

7 Fun Fitness Classes To Try Out_Rip Circuit

Amp up your fitness routine by joining this challenging circuit training session. Designed for hardcore exercisers, this class will teach you to do resistance training with the Rip Trainer to improve mobility and stability, as well as various weight training exercises to build strength, power and endurance. Burn, core muscles, burn.

Text: Estelle Low/Shape Singapore Additional Reporting: Atika Lim