1. Layer Moisturiser Properly

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It’s not just the lotions and serums you use, but the sequence in which you apply your skincare that helps maximise their effectiveness, says dermatologist Dr Cheong Wai Kwong. This is especially important if you use topical medication (like anti-acne cream) or treatment products. Apply these right after cleansing and toning your face, and wait five to 10 minutes before layering on your moisturiser, advises Dr Cheong.

2. Search For The Right Foundation

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Choose a foundation formula that suits your complexion and offers your desired finish – if you want a dewy look, opt for fluid; those with combination skin can use a liquid (hydrating) and powder (mattifying) combo.

3. Remember the Primer

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Don’t forget your primer – it’s the secret to looking poreless.

4. Work From The Middle Out

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Yadim, Dior international makeup designer, suggests starting from the centre of the face and slowly working outwards to create even coverage.

5. Remember to Set

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Tayaba Jafri, director of international artistry and promotions at Laura Mercier, recommends adopting a rolling motion to “work” loose powder into skin. “This helps to set the foundation better and make it long-lasting,” she says. Applying loose powder over foundation is key to achieving a smooth base.

6. Contour

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The artful use of bronzer or blusher can give the appearance of slimmer cheeks and tone down an angular jaw. A contour brush is best, but a foundation brush works too. “Sweep some bronzer or blush under your cheekbones for a sexy, sculpted look. Dusting a little along the jawline gives the illusion of softer features,” says Keith Bryant Lee, celebrity makeup artist.

7. Touch Up On The Go 

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Constantly piling on layers can make your face look cakey. First rid excess grease with facial blotting paper – not tissue – and spray on a hydrating mist, says Keith. For spot touch-ups, dab moisturiser on the area with your pinkie before reapplying foundation. It’s best to use the same formula that you used at the start of the day, he adds.

Text: Shape Singapore / Additional Reporting: Atika Lim

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