7 Ways You Are Accidentally Damaging Your Hair
Photo: Unsplash / PIxabay

#1 Sleeping with wet hair

We’ve often been nagged by our mothers not to sleep with wet hair, and while it’s scientifically proven that it’s doesn’t cause headaches, pneumonia, cold, or which ever health scare your mom says, doing so will also cause kinks and breakages to hair while you toss and turn on your pillow.

#2 Blow drying when hair is dripping wet

The wetter your hair is when you start blow drying, the longer it is subjected to heat. Towel dry your hair first and start blow drying only when it is about 50 per cent damp. You’ll reduce heat damage to your hair this way.

#3 Flat-ironing when hair is still wet

The worst thing you can do to your hair is trying to flay iron it while it is still wet. For those who have tried it, that sizzling is the sound hair makes when it being fried from inside out. Coupled with the tugging and pulling, it’s no wonder hair looks damaged.

#4 Brushing hair from top down

It sounds weird but brushing from the ends allows you to work your way through knots, as opposed to yanking your way through tangles when you start from the top.

#5 Wearing your hair up too often

Braids and ponytails are great for keeping cool on a hot day, but they can be pretty damaging when worn too often. The constant tension causes hair strands to weaken and break off – especially around the crown. Let your hair down once in a while to avoid hair fall due to breakage.

#6 Using the wrong hair accessories

Hair elastic is usually the hair accessory of choice when securing hair into a ponytail, and the tighter the better right? Wrong! Tight ponytails causes bends and kinks to the hair shaft which would eventually lead to breakage. Try using U-shaped pins to hold hair up into a bun, or if you really have to use an elastic, don’t tie it too tight.

#7 Using too much dry shampoo

Dry shampoos are great for maintaining blowouts and to keep hair looking fresh in our hot weather, but using too much can cause congestion to the hair follicles, and maybe even lead to hair loss. Give scalp a deep, thorough cleanse with a clarifying shampoo to prevent buildup at least once every two to three days.