1. Don’t Wear Panties or Pants That Are Too Tight 

7 Ways To Get A Healthy Vagina_1Try to avoid wearing jeans, underwear or bathing suits that are too tight for long periods of time. These clothes tend to retain heat and moisture, making it a prime place for yeast infections to occur, according to Dr Christopher Ng, obstetrician and gynaecologist at Gynae MD Women’s & Rejuvenation Clinic.

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2. Be Gentle When Washing

7 Ways To Get A Healthy Vagina_4When showering, clean just your vulva with a gentle soap – your vagina self-cleanses with discharge. Also, avoid douching, which can reduce the pH levels of your vadge, leading to yeast infections.

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3. Eat Healthily

slice-the-tofu-597229_960_720Fill up on vitamin A-rich soya, tofu and flaxseed to relieve vaginal dryness. Love yogurt? Good – it contains lactobacillus, which could help stave off a urinary tract infection (UTI), says Dr Ng.

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4. Be Sure to Pee After Sex 

7 Ways To Get A Healthy Vagina_2This is reportedly one of the best ways to ward off UTI because it helps to flush out bacteria in the urethra.

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5. Visit Your Gynae

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Go for a Pap smear once you turn 21 or become sexually active (whichever is earlier). Get one every three years until you’re 65, advises Dr Ng.

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6. Skip Wearing Panty Liners Often

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They absorb vaginal discharge and trap heat down there, increasing your risk of a yeast infection.

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7. Switch Condoms

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Get him to change condoms when switching from oral to vaginal sex, so you don’t introduce bacteria into your privates.

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Text: Lee Xin Hui, HerWorldPlus Additional Reporting: Atika Lim

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