If you’re having headaches, constipation or feeling fatigue and cranky, you may be dehydrated. And in our local heat, it’s not easy to wonder why. Some of us may be so busy at work, we forget to drink up! Besides drinking water, there are other ways we can stay hydrated and healthy.

Here are 7 easy ways to keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the day:


7 ways to stay properly hydrated in this heat
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1. Start with H2O

Begin the day with a tall glass with a squeeze of lemon in it – this helps to hydrate and has an alkalizing effect on the body. How much H2O we need is the subject of much debate, so apply lots of common sense and be body aware. Drink before you feel parched and sip often. Drink more if you’re active outdoors or engaging in strenuous activities, or if you’re sick and have diarrhoea.

7 ways to stay properly hydrated in this heat (2)
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2. Keep a bottle with you

Make sure you have a bottle of drinking water in sight and within reach throughout as much of your waking day as possible.

7 ways to stay properly hydrated in this heat (3)
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3. Eat fruits

Most fruits contain a high volume of water (apples = 84%; watermelons = 92%) and if you eat them whole, you get the added benefits of the insoluble fibre, which slows down the absorption of fructose into your bloodstream. Juicing can also be a good way to not only get the hydration you need, but also the micronutrients (vitamins and enzymes). Coconut water is also a good option.

*If you are diabetic, please do this only under strict medical or dietary supervision.

7 ways to stay properly hydrated in this heat (4)
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4. Eat water-rich food

Many meat and vegetables contain water in their natural state (white fish fillet, for example, is 80% water, fatty fish about 70% and broccoli, 91%!), though some cooking methods might reduce the water content.

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5. Reduce diuretics intake

Teas, coffee and sodas that contain caffeine are not as effective as water when you’re trying to stay hydrated, as they pull a bit of fluid from the body.

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6. Avoid consuming alcohol

Alcohol is a huge dehydrator, so on a night out, limit your alcohol intake and drink water to compensate.

7 ways to stay properly hydrated in this heat (4)
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7. Download helpful apps

Apps like Waterlogged, Water Minder and Plant Nanny support you with regular reminders to drink up.

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Text: Sally May Tan, Wellness Whisperer, Founder of Catalyst Health Asia and Amazon Bestselling Author of Wellness The New Luxury. Her book at S$49.00 is available at Times, Kinokuniya, MPH, Amazon and Kindle.