7 Ways To Stop Burnout From Happening_Featured Image

While the physical strain of overworking can be visible and easy to prevent, it’s often the mental effects that are harder to detect and eventually prevent.

If you’re slowly suffering from burnout, here are seven things you can do to prevent yourself from falling even deeper in that trap:

  1. Disconnect From Digital Devices

If you’re constantly making yourself available for work by checking your emails, social media accounts or answering calls, you’ve never truly left the office. Make it a point to schedule time offs and make the dinner table a no phone area.

2. Organise Yourself Better 

Constantly panicking and worrying tends to lead to burnout faster so it’s best to get organise while you’re at work. Make a detailed list of what you have to do for the day and try to accomplish them.

3. Go Outside for Lunch

Heading out to get some fresh air and relax helps to take the pressure off your brain and gives you time to recuperate and refresh your mind.

4. Drink Enough Water

When you’re stressed out, you might forget the importance of hydration and what water can do in preventing you from getting sick.

5. Take Short Breaks In Between

Whether it’s a short walk to the pantry to get some water or a simple leg exercise, it’s important to take short breaks in between so you don’t stress out.

6. Take Some Time To Relax After Work 

Whether it’s a breathing exercise or a simple meditation ritual, take some ‘me’ time to calm your mind.

7. Stop Overthinking

Mental clutter often leads you to insomnia and tends to make you feel even more stress than ever.