Are You Accidentally Ruining Your Skin?
Habits you never knew were ruining your skin. (Photo: Pexels)

So you take great care of your skin, and use the right products for it — which makes it extra frustrating when skin problems surface. Here are some possible ways you’re accidentally ruining your skin without realising it.

Problem: Pimples
Possible culprit: Hair pastes and pomades

Hair products can get trapped in your pores and cause breakouts. Avoid applying them too close to the hairline so that it doesn’t come in contact with your forehead and jaw line. Remember to wash your hands immediately after styling so the product doesn’t transfer onto your skin when you touch it.

Problem: Clogged pores and breakouts on your forehead
Possible culprit: A greasy fringe

Hair harbours plenty of sebum and impurities, and all these will transfer onto your forehead especially when you get sweaty from being in the sun. Hair products might also come in contact with your skin and clog up the pores. In addition to that, the hair ends poke and rub against the forehead constantly, causing itchiness and irritation which might lead to you constantly touching it when your dirty hands. The solution? Pin it up whenever you can, or better yet, style your fringe so that it doesn’t come into contact with your forehead.

Problem: Oily skin with dry flakes
Possible culprit: Over washing

You might think that there’s no such thing as skin that’s too clean but washing your face at every sign of shine might actually be ruining it. Washing your face dries skin out, and it reacts by producing sebum to compensate for the dryness. Stick to washing your face once in the morning and once at night. If you experience shine during the day, blot it away and spritz on some hydrating mist.