Best Beauty Buys is The Singapore Women’s Weekly’s annual awards to highlight the high-performance beauty products currently on the shelves. This year, we spotlight the skincare and makeup needs of busy mums who juggle children and demanding jobs, and want to look and feel good doing it.

To reflect various beauty concerns faced by mothers, we had five mums on the judging panel to test and review the products based on their unique lifestyles and goals. The criteria: packaging, pleasantness of use, and efficacy.

Here, we learn more about Filza Dorah Sim, one of the Best Beauty Buys 2023 judges, and her takeaways.


Skin type:
Combination skin
Biggest beauty woes: Fine lines and dull skin
Go-to skincare: Serums and hydrating moisturisers, especially those that target lines and dryness
Go-to makeup: Brow makeup, blush and lip balm

What are your beauty must-haves?

As a personal trainer, I wear makeup the entire day while in the gym, so I need makeup that lasts and doesn’t cause breakouts. The gym is also air-conditioned, however, which dries out my skin, so both my makeup and skincare have to be hydrating and help with my fine lines.

What is your beauty woe?

I feel like I never have enough time to pamper my skin because of the stress of managing my business and also having to keep up with the kids at home. I’d like to reclaim the glow my skin used to have as well as reduce the lines that have appeared with stress and age.

Favourite find from Best Beauty Buys 2023?
The Cheonyuldan Ultimate Regenerating Overnight Mask from The History of Whoo is my favourite beauty find. My skin feels super hydrated right after I put it on, and the next morning, I wake up to skin that feels super, super soft. And it smells amazing.

Any favourites for your kids?
I really like The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil for my daughters. It effectively helps them target their pimples, and takes about two to three days to get rid of a pimple — no popping or squeezing needed. I also like that it doesn’t cause much of a tingling sensation like some other products do.

What did you learn from trying and reviewing products for Best Beauty Buys 2023?
I think it has helped me revisit how products can be useful to working mums in terms of function and purpose. It has also made me pay more attention to how it’s packaged, whether it works, or if it’s useful.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is putting care, time, and effort into something, which shows how much you value it. In this case, that’s me. I enjoy the process and the experience of using beauty products. It’s a therapeutic pampering session that makes me happy and when I’m happy, it definitely makes me feel beautiful.

Photography: Lawrence Teo
Videography: Athirah Anissa
Video producers: Estelle Low, Karen Fong and Michelle Lee
Hair: Kenneth Ong
Makeup: Priscelia Wong