Best Beauty Buys is The Singapore Women’s Weekly’s annual awards to highlight the high-performance beauty products currently on the shelves. This year, we spotlight the skincare and makeup needs of busy mums who juggle children and demanding jobs, and want to look and feel good doing it.

To reflect various beauty concerns faced by mothers, we had five mums on the judging panel to test and review the products based on their unique lifestyles and goals. The criteria: packaging, pleasantness of use, and efficacy.

Here, we learn more about Priyanka Agarwal, one of the Best Beauty Buys 2023 judges, and her takeaways.


Skin type:
Combination skin
Biggest beauty woes: Dull skin and the occasional hormonal breakout
Go-to skincare: Cleanser, vitamin C products, sunscreen, a nourishing serum and spot treatment
Go-to makeup: Eyeliner or kohl pencil, liquid lipstick and mascara

What’s your beauty mantra?

To say that life is busy is really an understatement, which is why I’m always looking for a beauty routine that is super low-maintenance but really high in impact. I prefer fewer items on my vanity so I love skincare and makeup products that multitask, like serums that brighten and refine, or lip tints that also work on the cheek.

What’s your biggest beauty woe?

After two pregnancies, I’m always dealing with the occasional hormonal breakout. And the general lack of sleep leaves my skin feeling quite dull.

Favourite find from Best Beauty Buys 2023?

I’m so happy to have found the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Fresh Day Serum. It’s a vitamin C serum for daytime use, and it really does the job. It has a delicate water-like texture that gets absorbed by my skin easily. After consistently using it for the past month, I have fewer dark spots and my skin looks so much brighter and more refined.

Any favourites for your kids?

My daughter loves the 1028 Opium Poppy Matte Velvet Gloss. It looks natural and subtle when applied, and is the perfect daytime lip colour. She loves it when I have it on, and she’s always sneaking a little to put on herself. The applicator wand is very smooth and easy to use, too.

What did you learn from trying and reviewing products for Best Beauty Buys 2023?

The month-long trial period has taught me that consistency is key. Consistently using some great products that really work for my skin day after day has made such a huge difference, and I totally plan to stick to it.

What does beauty mean to you?

As a mum, I really want my kids to know that beauty is all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. It’s also about having fun and putting your best foot forward every day.

Photography: Lawrence Teo
Videography: Athirah Anissa
Video producers: Estelle Low, Karen Fong and Michelle Lee
Hair: Kenneth Ong
Makeup: Priscelia Wong