It’s not just about shampooing and conditioning regularly; keeping your mane luscious and healthy involves using the right tools as well. If you have been struggling to brush through messy, knotted strands, the WetBrush Flex Dry® hair brush can rescue you from the tangled web you have woven.

Designed with heat-resistant IntelliFlex™ bristles, this superior brush helps you gently detangle and blowdry after your shower with minimal damage, so you can flaunt beautifully healthy and smooth hair with flair.

Its flexible bristles glide through wet strands by manoeuvring through those tricky knots, working them out without pulling or forcing their way through your precious hair. This means you can detangle with less force, thus reducing the risk of split ends or breakage and maintaining healthy, manageable hair.

Additionally, proprietary OmniFlex™ technology allows for a flexible brush head which follows the natural contours of your head, which minimises discomfort and is gentle on sensitive scalps. Combined with an open vented design that allows for moisture to escape while maintaining an even air flow, even blowdrying is expedited so there is less heat damage. Safe for all hair types, it comes in three gorgeous colours: Teal, Pink and Purple. At $15.90 each.

Available at BHG@aLT, Robinsons, Welcia Bugis, Welcia Wisteria Mall and selected Guardian and Watsons stores.

A Wet Brush special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly

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